Queensland Law Society

Queensland Law Society (“QLS”) provides a dynamic hub for Queensland's legal community and seeks to engage actively with its members and the public to provide leadership, practical solutions and reliable support.

QLS represents and promotes more than 9,000 legal professionals and works to increase community understanding of the law, help protect the rights of individuals and advise the community about the many benefits solicitors can provide.

QLS assists legal practitioners to continually improve their services, while monitoring their practices to ensure they meet the high standards set for the profession in Queensland.  And we assist the public by advising government on improvements to laws affecting Queenslanders, and working to improve their access to the law.

For members, QLS provides free confidential counselling services through its LawCare program, ethics support through the QLS Ethics Centre, practice support and guidance and provides Senior Counsellors who can provide confidential advice to QLS members on any professional or ethical problem.

Find out more about the benefits of becoming a QLS member and the services they offer to the legal profession.